About Us

Equipment Supplies Inc. is our company based in Charlotte, North Carolina and we have been in business since 1991 selling consumables for printer, fax machines, and copiers. Over time we diversified into printing, graphic design, website development and apparel and chose to operate under the name Big Fish DPI

Due to the covid-19 crisis, we saw most of our customers forced to close for a period of time.  We retooled to be able to become a source for personal protective equipment PPE for the non-healthcare industries thereby supporting our employees, customers, community, friends, and neighbors who need basic protective equipment to be able to return to work and care for each other. So we have created a new dba of PPE Equipment.

The products we are offering are sold for personal and/or industrial use only. We make no claims or warranties about the products except to say that we have done our best due diligence and ensure that the products are suitable for personal and/or industrial use.  We make no claims that these are FDA or CE approved, although the manufacturer may make said claims. We offer these products “as is” with no warranties and no returns.