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Welcome to PPE Equipment

Due to the covid-19, we had to retool our company Big Fish DPI to survive. We already did design, web development, printing, promo products, and apparel. So we retooled to source the supplies that we all need to get back to work and stay healthy. Not only healthcare workers and first responders but also our friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and small businesses. 

These supplies must be available to each and everyone of us for our states to be able to return to business. We do not sell the N95 masks that the healthcare industry desperately needs. We are offering the KN95, disposable surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other face coverings for you.  

Be aware that we sell these products with no express warranty or liability. You should consider these products for personal or industrial use only.  If you choose to use them for medical or healthcare purposes, it is your choice.  These goods are sold as a last resort to protect you and others during this pandemic. 

We are all in this together and want to offer the best service and products possible but supplies are limited and sold out each day. Please contact us with special requests as we will do everything possible to help support our fellow Americans and provide everyone with the supplies to keep us moving forward. 

Note regarding price gouging: We have reached out to the department of justice, FDA, and CDC about pricing gouging and what how we can price items to avoid this.  There are no guidelines to follow and we received no response back.  To us price gouging is when a company has the funds and resources to buy millions of masks at .50 each and resells them for $10, $20, $50 a piece.  They are also shipping via ocean freight which is considerably cheaper but it takes 45-90 days to arrive in the U.S.  

In comparison, we are a small company that is trying to survive since our customers are closed.  We are purchasing in quantities in the hundreds and the thousands, not millions.  So we are paying a much higher price per unit. We are also  paying customs/duties fees, and paying for air freight shipping to get the product to you faster.  We have based the prices on the cost per unit including all fees and shipping with a minor profit margin considering we are also allowing orders of quantities of one instead of large minimum requirements. If you are concerned that we are price gouging, please feel free to order from another company.

Listed and quoted prices are only valid for 24 hours on all PPE products due to rapidly changing market conditions. Flat rate shipping charges apply. At times we will be offering free shipping.  For products that are in stock in the U.S. you should receive products within 2-3 days via UPS or USPS.